Seigneur Gustafson has been retained to provide Fair Value opinions and Intellectual Property valuations, covering a wide range of assets & industries and for a variety of purposes. We draw on our wealth of experience as practicing Certified Public Accountants, together with our specialized training in valuation science to insure every assignment gets the proper attention and resources needed to develop a well reasoned, credible conclusion of value in these instances.   Areas of emphasis for our practice include:

  • Valuation of Intellectual Property (IP) for commercial damages
  • Valuation of IP for Fair Value measurement and M&A pricing needs
  • Attestation financial reporting – CPA audit, review and compiled financial statements
  • Royalty rate determination-relief from royalty valuation methodology
  • Cost to reproduce analyses
  • Litigation support –testifying, consulting, neutral and rebuttal expert services
  • Asset pricing and segregation

Call upon us for your business appraisal needs and visit our other web pages for more information on the related work we do in business valuation, economic damages, financial forensics, valuation consulting, and mediation & arbitration related services.