Accredited Senior Appraiser

American Society of Appraisers

ASAs must demonstrate five years of full-time equivalent experience (ASA AM members need two years) in business valuation to get their professional designation. ASAs have experience in appraising a wide variety of companies – public and closely held, large and small – and have experience in appraising a wide variety of business intangible assets. ASA has an extensive, long-established educational program including a core series of courses, various advanced courses and seminars, an annual cross-discipline international conference, and an annual advanced business valuation conference. Candidates for an ASA designation must complete the core series of four three-day courses in business valuation and successfully finish a half-day test following each course. To retain their designations, ASAs must demonstrate participation in continuing education. Ron Seigneur is a candidate member for the ASA credential and is in the final process of submitting the required report to complete the last step for the ASA credential. Matt Lauer is also a candidate member, having successfully completed all education and testing requirements and is in the process of submitting his report for peer review to become an ASA AM credentialed member.