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This new Book Offers Must-Have Guidance for Family Law Judges and Attorneys on Financial Issues
June 24, 2020

This new Book Offers Must-Have Guidance for Family Law Judges and Attorneys on Financial Issues

Financial Expert Guide for Family Law Judges and Attorneys, Colorado Edition by John H. Tatlock, Esq., Ronald L. Seigneur, CPA/ABV, ASA, CVA and Kevin R. Yeanoplos, CPA/ABV, ASA is now available.

DENVER, CO June 8 — Financial issues are often the cornerstone dispute in dissolution of marriage cases. Contests over the division of marital assets and debts, the determination of whether individual assets are part of the marital estate or one spouse’s separate property, and disagreements over value and allocation frequently merge to become one of, if not the, primary areas of focus of protracted domestic relations litigation in dissolution cases.

The Financial Expert Guide for Family Law Attorneys and Judges, Colorado Edition, focuses exclusively on Colorado law and applications addressing these multifaceted legal and financial issues. Parties in Colorado divorce cases, the attorneys who represent them, and the judicial officers before whom the parties appear all confront substantial challenges when this constellation of financial issues arise.

To assist all the parties confronting the many and varied financial challenges domestic relations cases present, the authors prepared this Guide to assist all of them, but especially the attorneys and judicial officers who must present and decide these cases.

Our goals were to provide judges, attorneys, and experts a comprehensive summary of the key Colorado valuation cases and legal principles, the fundamentals for understanding and applying those business valuation concepts in family law cases, the essentials of attorney-expert coordination in a valuation case, and the critical techniques and approaches for supporting or attacking a valuation report at hearing or trial. — John H. Tatlock, Esq. co-author

Chapter 1 begins with a survey and summary of the most important Colorado appellate decisions addressing the central valuation issues and legal principles. For parties, attorneys, and financial experts, Chapter 2 describes and summarizes the essential requirements for effective attorney-expert cooperation in a case with expert valuation of a marital business as a central element.

Chapters 3 through 5 provide the fundamental building blocks for the valuation analysis of a business, beginning with the discussion of the essential standards and premises of value that must apply in every valuation engagement, followed by the analysis of the business owners’ reasonable compensation and the specific recognized approaches and methods for conducting and reporting the results of a valuation analysis. In conjunction with Chapters 3 through 5, Appendices 1 and 2 provide examples of the types of valuation reports. A full-blown Conclusion of Value report in Appendix 1 presents a comprehensive assessment of the privately held business in the context of its market and performance compared to similar businesses in its business or industry. Appendix 2 presents a more limited Calculation of Value example, which is often used for settlement and mediation purposes to conserve both costs and time.

Of the Financial Guide, noted Colorado family law attorney Kimberly R. Willoughby stated:

This book is exceptional. It is a tool for analyzing business valuation cases, a resource during the discovery phase of a case, and will prove to be the practitioner’s bible for trial preparation.  Attorneys reading this book will understand why it’s never enough to just hire the expert, get a number and put him or her on the stand. At bottom, this book enables the attorney and the business valuation expert to work as a powerful team in Colorado courts.


Financial Expert Guide for Family Law Judges and Attorneys
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