Cannabis and Hemp / CBD

Seigneur Gustafson LLP has been providing professional services to the cannabis and hemp industries since 2009 in the areas of income tax planning & compliance, economic damages and lost profits analyses, and business and intellectual property appraisal.

Cannabis and Hemp / CBD Accounting Services

The firm provides on-going tax compliance services to a select group of clientele that includes state and federal income tax planning and compliance, sales tax compliance, management consulting, financial accounting protocols and related internal controls. The firm is also nationally recognized for its work in Cannabis and Hemp/CBD appraisal and forensic accounting related engagements, including:

  • Appraisal of license rights for cannabis licenses in various jurisdictions, including Nevada, Colorado, California, Massachusetts and Virginia
  • Appraisal of numerous cannabis cultivation, MIPS facilities, extraction facilities, and medical/recreational dispensaries in various jurisdictions in Colorado and other states for various purposes including shareholder disputes, dissolution of marriage, estate planning and merger and acquisition purposes
  • Financial forensics and economic damages analyses for a variety of matters, including insurance claims, lost profits and mismanagement
  • Appraisal of agricultural hemp and CBD processing and extraction related entities for various purposes with operations and licenses in various jurisdictions

Ron Seigneur and Brenda Clarke are co-authors of The Cannabis Industry Accounting and Appraisal Guide, published by LuLu in July 2018. With co-author Stacey Udell, this book is a 220-page treatise on cannabis industry dynamics including guidance on best practices in accounting and tax compliance under IRC 280E, risk assessment and appraisal nuances in a cannabis enterprise and for related intellectual property, and where to find industry resources.

Ron is also Editor of BVR What It’s Worth, 2016, Value and Business - Challenges in the Budding Cannabis Industry; co-author with SG associate Ryan Cram of the Business Valuation Resources special edition briefing, Cannabis and Hemp Valuations: A Market Analysis, co-author with Ryan Cram of Illicit to Essential: Emerging Issues in Cannabis Post COVID-19; and author of the June 2020 Business Valuation Update article, Assessing Additional Economic Risk Due to COVID-19.

Ron Seigneur, Brenda Clarke